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Visual Artist/ Translator

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Sanaz Haeri
Sovereign art prize


I was born and raised in Tehran. My dedication to art began since I was a little girl making toys out of broken objects and spending days with my paintings and books. Nevertheless, I graduated in engineering at the university, I was gathering knowledge in art, esthetics and art history while working as an engineer. After I had my first solo exhibition in Tehran, I quit my job and career to be a full time visual artist; That was a hard decision to make but a dream realized. I spent 6 months as a resident artist in Spain, Albacete and after that had two group exhibitions in Madrid and Leon. After a while I found myself drawn to art history and old paintings of Iran and that’s how I began to incorporate my occidental art education with oriental motifs and atmosphere.

Books & Translations :

The Window and the Void in the work of Edward Hopper

Luis Shadwick

مکتب لندن
School of London
Alistair Hicks
Divbad (Novel)
Sanaz Haeri

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