This series of works began with a study on Iranian old paintings and is inspired from them. During the process, I found myself drawn to the diversity of the motif along the history; It was really interesting that according to political and social life of Iranians, the Image of Ghoul/ D’iv has been changed a lot.

I was following  the motif in oriental art history and Medieval paintings and  started the series with the figures I choose from Shah Tahmasp Shah-Nameh and Mantegh O’Teyr and bring it to a new concept, trying to have a conceptual reading of it through contemporary issues and today’s social life. I also used the same material as in the old paintings.


The memory is a picture in our mind and it’s fading by time passing, the negative is a picture of a picture and it’s ready to skip.The negative series refer to the historical and personal memory of ours.